What is it? This kit comprises session plans, powerpoints, activity sheets and teacher's notes on a CD. With this CD you can take your pupils through a realistic process of archaeological and historical investigation through a hands-on and practical programme. No previous knowledge is assumed, the Teacher's Notes provide background information and links to further resources. Completed versions of activity sheets are also provided.

How do you use it? This cross curricular programme takes students through a 4 session course which explores the archaeological process through site familiarisation using an online virtual dive (ICT), studying the development of ship technology (history) and dimensions using GIS online (geography & ICT), gun identification (history), archaeological survey (maths) and the exploration of historic sources (history & English), the First World War, and Modern Foreign Languages.

Virtual Dive: pupils can be presented with a realistic scenario that a seabed anomaly has been found during a marine geophysics survey. Divers are called in to investigate and from this point, the pupils take on the role of the maritime archaeologist and begin their ‘virtual dive’. Access and use of the online virtual dive is completely free. You can check out the virtual dive here

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL): the Virtual Dive involves a ‘conversation’ between the user (pupil) and their ‘dive buddy’. The conversation is in the form of photos and text in pop-up boxes and the text is in three languages (English, French and Dutch). In this way the virtual dive can help develop MFL skills.

How do I get one? This CD is available to buy from HWTMA at a cost of £30. The survey kits are available to hire from HWTMA at a cost of £50 per week plus p&p (or you can collect).

Alternatively a member of HWTMA staff can facilitiate/deliver the workshops for you at your school. it will cost £400 plus travel. This covers the time of an experienced, CRB checked facilitator and all the materials/resources provided. 

Please see this flyer for more details.

If you wish to hire this resource, please see the kit hiring page.