What are they? These kits contain essential items that you'll need to run an archaeological survey.

Each box contains:

  • Heavy Duty Gloves
  • Hi-vis vest
  • 3 x 30m tape measures
  • 1 x 5m tape measure
  • Plumbob
  • Nails and fluorescent lines
  • Scale ruler
  • Metal ruler
  • Bulldog clips 
  • Pencil case with a pencil, rubber, and pen
  • A clipboard

How do you use it? Full instructions for running an archaeological survey are provided in the kit. By carrying out this task pupils will develop skills such as working with units, recording, working with scale, drawing-up results and soft skills such as teamwork and communication.

How do I get one? This kit is available to hire from the HWTMA at a cost of £30 a day or £50 per week for four kits (plus return delivery, if you are able to collect and return the box from our offices in Southampton, no delivery charge would be applicable). To buy, it is £175 per kit.