The easiest way of supporting  the work of HWTMA by text donation. Text: HTMA01 £1 (or any amount up to £10) to this number:70070.

Trusts and Foundations

The HWTMA is extremely grateful for the funding it receives from charitable trusts and foundations which makes an enormous difference to both core work and specific projects. If you are a trustee or a foundation administrator and would like to discover more about our work, please do contact us.

Corporate Sponsorship

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for both local and national businesses. By sponsoring one of the HWTMA projects, not only will you be helping to preserve your maritime heritage, but you will benefit through the wide publicity gained by the HWTMA. Our work has recently featured on national and international media, including articles and documentaries on BBC television and radio, Channel 4, the UK History Channel, National Geographic and regional and national newspapers.


If you are interested in helping the HWTMA to preserve the maritime past, you can support us by:

  • Making a donation (by text or online)
  • Buying our publications
  • Becoming a Friend of the HWTMA

Please contact us if you would like to make a donation to the HWTMA, or would like to hear more about current projects. Whether you are a charitable trust and foundation, a local or national business, or an interested individual, we would be delighted to hear from you .

If you would like to make a donation online, please follow this link to the Charity Choice website or donate to us through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) or Paypal below:

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 Donations have enabled us to:

  • Increase public participation, provide team building and personal development opportunities
  • Spark interest in maritime archaeology for all ages
  • Continue our research projects on shipwrecks, intertidal remains and submerged landscapes

The HWTMA is seeking to raise more funds to continue to preserve the fascinating but fragile maritime archaeology legacy of the Solent, and engage communities with their local cultural heritage.

Projects that the HWTMA is particularly seeking support for are:

  • Development of our education workshops, teaching resources and community outreach programme
  • Continuation of the innovative Young Archaeologists Dive In! Project - giving young people the opportunity to work as a team to learn to dive, and explore local shipwreck sites
  • Refurbishment of our exhibitions at the UAC
  • Expansion of our archaeology research programme to provide more opportunities for volunteer involvement both above and below the water
  • Development of interest and knowledge of coastal change drawing on evidence from over 10,000 years of human activity and environmental data
  • Publication and archiving of the results of the HWTMA's ground-breaking research and discoveries