Archaeological survey involves using geometry and trigonometry techniques to produce a scale drawing of a physical site.  This provides a real-world example of using mathematics in the field and how mathematical techniques learnt in the classroom are regularly applied when recording shipwrecks and other archaeological sites.

What are they? These kits contain the essential items you’ll need to run a ‘shipwreck survey’ session. Each bag contains:

  • laminated instruction cards
  • roll-out shipwreck or First World War ship gun
  • measuring tapes
  • baseline tape
  • clipboards
  • pencil case with all the stationary used for on-site recording
  • downloadable recording forms
  • high vis vests

How do you use it? Full instructions for running a ‘shipwreck survey’ session are provided in the kit.  One ‘shipwreck’ can be surveyed by 9 people at a time in groups of three.  By carrying out this task, pupils will develop skills such as measuring, working with units, recording, geometry, working with a scale, drawing-up results and soft skills such as team work and communication. 

How do I get one? These kits can be hired or bought from HWTMA. Cost to hire 4 bags: £30 per day or £50 per week plus p&p.  Cost to buy: £250 per kit plus p&p. 

Please see the Hiring Resources page if you wish to hire or buy this kit.