Planning Frame SurveyWhat are they? These kits contain the essential items you’ll need to run a ‘planning-frame survey’ session.  Each bag contains:

    • laminated instruction cards
    • replica artefacts measuring tapes
  • clipboards
  • recording forms
  • planning frames

How do you use it?
Full instructions for running a ‘planning-frame survey’ session are provided in the kit.  Two people can use the planning frame at a time.  By carrying out this task, pupils will develop skills such as measuring, working with units, recording, working with a scale, drawing-up results and soft skills such as observation, team work and communication.

How do I get one? This kit is available to hire from HWTMA at a cost of £30 per day or £50 per week (plus return delivery, if you are able to collect and return the box from our offices in Southampton, no delivery change would be applicable). To buy, it is £100 per kit plus p&p.

Please see the Hiring Resources page if you wish to hire or buy this kit.