This is a 40-page, full-colour, spiral-bound, A4-sized booklet. It has been designed so that students, ideally with access to the internet, can work through the booklet independently. In so doing, they will take an active role in solving the mystery of the wreck's identity, while gaining an appreciation of the marine environment, its importance today and in the past, and insights into a range of marine careers. Throughout the booklet there are exercises and tasks to provide opportunities for the development and practical application of skills and knowledge learnt in maths, science, English, ICT, geography and history.

For Teachers

A Content Outline and Teachers' Notes can be found at the Identifying a Mystery Wreck downloads page.

While aimed at KS3 (Years 7-9) pupils, much of the content can be adapted to suit older or younger age groups. The booklet has been designed to enable pupils to work across the curriculum, developing an understanding of how different subjects are applied in the workplace and how people from different disciplines and professions work together. Curriculum links are indicated down the outside edge of each page. 

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The Mystery Wreck is a wooden shipwreck that was discovered in 2003, on Horsetail Sands, off Portsmouth. The teaching pack comprises exercises and activities using real archaeological and marine habitat data collected from the Mystery Wreck site over a 7-year period.

The teaching pack highlights how fieldwork, historic and scientific research can help identify a shipwreck. It introduces students to archaeological and marine biodiversity processes and shows how maritime archaeologists, marine biologists and the marine aggregate industry, work together in the interest of the fragile natural and cultural resources found on the seabed.

Development of this cross-curricular resource was funded by the Marine Environment Protection Fund (MEPF) and developed in partnership with the Hampshire Wildlife Trust.

The cost for this teaching pack is £5 including P&P. To enable use by a whole class, we offer a bulk price of 15 copies for £50, plus P&P.

This teaching pack can be coupled with the Identifying a Mystery Wreck Handling Collection