Secondary School - 16 Gifted & Talented students on a student exchange programme

Pupils worked their way around a series of 'workstations' set up alongside the Maritime Bus. Exploring these activities gave an insight into British heritage and the processes involved in historical and archaeological research and excavation.Bonus sessions: The Bus stayed on site for an additional hour to allow all of Year 8 to explore the bus in groups of 15 for 20 minutes to see what their exchange buddies had been learning about.

Secondary School - 12 students from the after school Engineering Club

The Bus was used for a 45 minutes session to kick-start a series of after school sessions building underwater robots (ROVs). The students were allowed to explore the Bus and through this exploration understand why, how and when etc. ROVs are used and the issues they have to overcome.

Secondary School - 80 Year 8 students

This session was part of a Year 8 Activity Week at the school. A whole-year assembly was followed by students visiting the Maritime Bus in three groups for a 45 minutes session, during which they used the Bus and its resources as a mobile lab and research centre to identify archaeological finds.Bonus sessions: The Bus stayed open during breaks to allow interested students and teachers from other years to come and explore.