Junior School - Whole School

After a whole-school assembly introducing maritime archaeology and its relevance to different school subjects, skills sets and careers, pupils came on-board the bus, one class at a time, to explore the contents (real and replica artefacts, microscope, models, DVD, interactive PCs, library) and learn about their maritime heritage and some potential future careers.

Junior School - 48 Year 5 pupils

This session supported the school's project for that term which involved pupils setting up a Maritime Archaeology Company. HWTMA's session used the following scenario: "Your maritime archaeological company has recently been asked to help identify a mystery wreck site. With the help of a worksheet, research the site using clues which can be found in the Maritime Bus." By the end of 25 minutes the pupils were able to provide a name for the site and had had the chance to try some of the equipment (mini versions) that maritime archaeologists use including dive kit, an airlift and an underwater robot.Bonus sessions: The Bus stayed open during the school's lunch and breaks for students from other years to have a taster of what Year 5 were doing. The Bus also stayed an extra hour after lunch to deliver abbreviated versions of the year 5 sessions to the year 4 classes.

Primary School - 25 Year 6 pupils

This two hour session supported the school's 'Under the Sea' theme and demonstrated the abundance of underwater heritage off the coast near the school. Half the class worked in the classroom with group activities and an introductory Powerpoint presentation while the other half undertook practical elements on the Bus.Bonus sessions: The timetable for this visit allowed for exploration sessions along the theme of ‘what’s in the sea?’ for all Year 5, 4 and 3 pupils too. They visited the Bus for brief 20 min exploration sessions.