The Mystery Wreck Handling Collection

What are they? This box contains a set of artefacts recovered from an 18th century shipwreck site in the Solent. While these artefacts are small and generally of a functional nature (nails, bolts, pieces of coal etc.) they provide a rare opportunity for pupils to handle (nylon gloves provided) genuine artefacts that have come from an underwater environment.

How do you use it? This box includes a set of teachers' notes with guidance for how to use the artefacts and information about what they are. There is also a copy of 'Identifying a Mystery Shipwreck': a workbook that can be worked through independently by pupils, to help them discover the identity of the Mystery Shipwreck (click here for further information).

Working with artefacts is particularly important for kinaesthetic learners. All pupils who have worked with this collection have expressed great delight (and surprise) that they are 'the real deal' and teachers have reported very positively in terms of engaging and enthusing pupils.

How do I get one? This box is available to hire from HWTMA at a cost of £50 per week (plus return delivery, if you are able to collect and return the box from our offices in Southampton, no delivery change would be applicable). This box is not available to buy.

Please see the Hiring Resources page if you wish to hire this box.