What are they? These boxes contain a mixture of real and replica artefacts themed to a period in time, a particular wreck site or a geographical area.  Each box includes:

  • laminated instruction cards
  • real and replica artefacts embedded into foam
  • recording forms

How do you use it? Full instructions for running a ‘Artefact Identification’ session are provided in the kits.  Ideally one box of finds should be enough to create activities for one class of 30 students at a time.  By carrying out this task, pupils will develop an understanding of the value of artefacts and relative dating methods plus soft skills such as observation, team work and communication.

How do I get one? These boxes are for hire only at a cost of £50 per week  (plus return delivery, if you are able to collect and return the box from our offices in Southampton, no delivery change would be applicable). This box is not available to buy.

If you wish to hire this resource, please see the Hiring Resources page.