Who is it for?
As the title suggests, this booklet is for educators. We mean this in the broadest sense, from school-based teachers, home educators, life-long learning practitioners, youth group and special interest group leaders, to parents, carers and anyone with a yearning for learning!

What does it do?
It provides background information, plug-and-play worksheets (see below), activity ideas and signposting to a whole host of resources.

What is it about? 
It focuses on showing how traditional subjects, learnt in school and at home, are applied in the real world. With an emphasis on the marine environment and maritime archaeology, this guide aims to make learning more fun!

What people have said about it:
“I think it’s really excellent. I particularly like the very clear way you have set it out and the idea of using search terms instead of URLs.” Learning & Access Manager, July 2011.

How do I get one?
Please send an email to info[at]hwtma.org.uk with your postal address, how many copies you would like and what you're going to do with them (this helps us inform our funders). Please put 'Educators Guide' in the subject line of the email. For overseas purchasers packaging and postage will be charged at £6.00. Please follow the link if you are ordering from outside the UK.  

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If you would like to order this resource, the booklet itself is free but requires £2 to cover P&P. If ordering from overseas, P&P is £6. Please email info@hwtma.org.uk to order your copy or for more information.