European Road Trip
In September 2009, the Maritime Bus had a continental adventure. Working with European partners, the Bus visited Belgium, the Netherlands, and France over the course of 2 weeks, setting up at schools, monuments and museums to engage the public with the Atlas of the 2 Seas project. 

Junior Schools
 This session supported the school's project for that term which involved pupils setting up a Maritime Archaeology Company. MAT's session involved them identifying a mystery shipwreck. By the end of 25 mins the pupils were able to provide a name for the site and  had had the chance to try some of the equipment (mini versions) that maritime archaeologists use.

Secondary Schools 
Pupils worked their way around a series of 'workstations' set up alongside the Maritime Bus. Exploring these activities gave an insight into British heritage and the processes involved in historical and archaeological research and excavation.
Bonus sessions: The Bus stayed onsite for an additional hour to allow all of year 8 to explore the bus in groups of 15 for 20 minutes to see what their exchange buddies had been learning about.

Sixth-Form College
The Maritime Bus attended the college's careers and volunteering day. The Bus was used as an exhibition space for students to explore and help them to consider the possibilities of a career, work placement and volunteering within the archaeological industry and to see the links between the discipline and college subjects.

Public Events
The Maritime Bus has attended many public events such as the New Forest Show, Gosport Big Day Out (pictured), Kent Coastal Week, and the Jubilee Sailing Trust's Pumpkin Festival at Royal Victoria Country Park. The Bus and accompanying activities usually draw a big crowd and are popular with people of all ages!