This project, now available to you and your school or club, came about as part of the Atlas of the 2 Seas project.

During the course of the project, three schools from England, France and Belgium worked closely with the A2S partners in their country. A suite of educational resources was created in four languages (English, Dutch, French and Breton) and, with the support of maritime archaeologists from A2S partner organisations, pupils used the same materials in all three schools during a unique seven-week programme. 

The project was based on the scenario that a seabed anomaly had been found during a marine geophysics survey. Divers were called in to investigate the anomaly and from this point, the pupils took on the role of the maritime archaeologist, beginning with a tri-lingual ‘virtual dive’.

Each week, guided sessions and bespoke materials took pupils through a realistic process of archaeological and historical investigation.

Pupils in the three schools communicated with each other to share information about the wrecksite and their work. At the end of the project, pupils created materials to tell the story of the project and the ship that was wrecked.

The workshop's current form involves the Wreck Research Prioject (A2S) Kit. Please note this is a different 'Identifying a Mystery Wreck' project. 

This A2S Mystery Wreck project can be done in class or as an after school club, and will usually take about 4 sessions to complete.

Feedback from Teachers and Pupils

“I like so much submarine history, and it was a true history” (French pupil)

“Brilliant - great - genial” (French Pupil)

“Let’s up to the next project of shipwreck history” (French pupil)

“This was really fantastic: something never to forget!” (Belgian pupil)

“A very instructive and fun project. There was a nice atmosphere and especially the film about Tintin was worth the effort.” (Belgian pupil)

“It was fun to learn about maritime archaeology in an enjoyable way. Afterwords we also made a movie to process all the information we discovered.” (Belgian pupil)

“Really enjoyed the presentations each week – something different every time – using lots of different skills” (English pupil)

“Made me interested in something I had not known anything about before” (English pupil)

“I wish we still had the weekly meetings – I really looked forward to them.” (English pupil)

"The process of the investigation during the project was very interesting and helped develop a logical way in the pupils’ minds that they can use in all the other curriculum areas" (French teacher)

"Very positive experience, and definitely worthwile to participate!" (Belgian teachers)

"Very nice to be able to offer a quality extra curricular activity – something really different" (English teacher)

“This has been an incredible experience and we have all learnt so much and used such a wide variety of skills.”(English teacher)